With words like bullets.

With mouths like guns.

With brains like triggers.

A war has begun.

When only a small change in letters,

causes a shock, scandal and satanity.

We as a race verge on the brink of insanity.

We are taught to love.

We are taught to forgive.

You may not believe,

but a fool would dismiss.

For we are all human and we are all one.

Although an intelligent species,

by words we are undone.

By Fliss Hince



The world as we know it.

I’ve never been a religious person, and I’ve never had much interest in science.   My opinion has always been that the world works and for whatever reason that is it, it will go on spinning until it gets bored and ultimately the world as we know it will end, but that’s just it isn’t it?

THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT will end. The universe didn’t start with us and I very much doubt it will end with us.  Even if the sun eventually died, I strongly believe that life would find a way to survive, that it would evolve.

I also strongly believe that we will cause the extinction of our own race and we will cause the extinction of the Earth.  For a long time I worried about that, that the life of this beautiful planet would suffer because of our own selfish needs. Because it is a need now isn’t it? Would you be able to live without a car, bus or train? I wouldn’t.

In reality though, the universe wouldn’t end if we were to destroy the Earth.  So long as the universe is there, the chance for new life to begin is effectively eternal.

The point of this is to say that the only life we are ruining, the only life we are wasting, is our own.  If this planet dies, we die.  So why do we ignore the only part of science I have ever thought matters.  Global Warming.  Pollution.  IT IS REAL.  IT WILL HAPPEN.

Fliss Hince

Dear Santa

To Santa

This year I would like a new bike (which has to be pink) and a new phone because I broke my old one and some new dresses because I’ve worn all mine and I want an iPad and a laptop just because everyone else has one.

From a 12 year old girl in London

To Santa

This year I would like a roof over my head and a blanket because the nights here are cold and I also need new clothes because I’ve worn the same ones for weeks now and they have holes and I want my dad because we got split up in the confusion.  I also need the war to stop so I can go home.

From a 12 year old Syrian refugee

Think of a refugee this winter

Fliss Hince

My supernatural experience

Just something a bit different to get into the festive spirit:

My old house was haunted.  It wasn’t your typical old house, it was just a bungalow.  The roof was infested with ivy and moss and the peeling white paint did nothing to help the drab look; along with the name itself being Grey tiles.

I shared a room with my sister at the time, it was a fairly big room with pale pink walls to match the furniture.  We always used to have to sleep with a light on because I was so afraid of the dark; I used to get the most terrible nightmares when I was younger, I still do occasionally.

On this particular night I remember waking up and immediately seeing the outline of a grown man standing in the center of my room.  I could only see from the shoulders upwards and neither could I make out any particular features on the mans face except for the outline of the shape of his head and his  nose.  It looked to me as though he were bold and and he was facing the window at the back of my room.  The outline of his head and shoulders was like he was surrounded in light but it wasn’t shining like a halo it was more like a line of light.

It only stayed a few seconds before disappearing, leaving me with the spots in my vision that you get after staring at a light for too long.  I remember later on after we moved that my mum told me someone had died in the garage of our old house, he had hung himself.   Moreover, the people who moved in had an exorcism done on the house to rid it of any ghosts that may be lurking there.

I found this quite hard to believe so I did some research and I found something very disturbing.  There did use to be ghost in that part of the village but all that anyone ever saw of it was the head…

Needless to say, I’m glad we moved.

Fliss Hince x

(based on my true experience)

Always Watching

Did you know that an average person in London is caught on CCTV 300 times a day? And that in actual fact in London you are caught on camera many more times than that, because of the amount of times you are also caught on camera by tourists.

This number is continuously increasing because of the up rise of camera’s in cities to monitor crime.

I think that there are advantages to this, criminals are more easily identified and brought to justice and the public can be kept safer.  However, I also kind of feel like this is a violation of my privacy, to think that every time I go out in town with my friends someone could be watching.

You know the feeling you get, when you think someones watching you but you turn around and no ones there.  What if that’s not just a feeling anymore but reality.  I find that scary.  I also find it scary to think that my picture could be out there somewhere, but not because I have social media but because I chose to walk down a street in London.

Now, I know that the film and pictures CCTV pick up are wiped clear once no one needs it anymore.  But, I’m not entirely trusting of that.  Just look at what happened with Snapchat.  They claim that after you have sent a picture and the timer has run out the picture is lost forever, however they leaked 200,000 Snapchat photo’s that were supposedly, “lost”.

Maybe you think that’s different, but that’s your opinion.

From Fliss Hince

Generation of Square eyes

I’m sure most of your parents at some point in your lives, probably when you were younger, told you that staring at a screen for too long would give you square eyes.  For a long time I took this literally and would limit my time watching TV for fear of it.  (especially as at the time I had a friend who had square glasses and I thought that  it was because she watched too much TV)

Clearly, this is not true, but what effects does staring at a screen for hours at a time truly have on us?

Most people nowadays (namely children – young adults) spend at least an hour a day staring into a screen mesmerized by some you-tube clip of a singing cat or a series you simply have to watch (even if your using technically illegal sites) because if you don’t you feel as though your life is over and you will have to spend the day avoiding your friend’s because their an episode ahead and they might spoil something! Phew. The stress of a teenage life.

It’s the the truth though isn’t it, and I guess that’s the world we live in.  However, I sometimes think that adults believe that’s all we care about.  Technology, technology, technology.  That’s simply not the truth, at least not for all of us, I know I  care about hundreds of things that don’t involve the use of my phone; for example I love drama and singing.  Moreover, contrary to many adult’s beliefs I am capable of meeting with my friends without checking my phone every 5 seconds, (mostly because the only people I would be texting are already in the room with me, but hay-ho).

So what are the effects then?

  • bad social skills (because we spend more time typing then talking)
  • Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) “describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use.”
  • Less creative and productive (productive I agree with but creative?)
  • Some video games are suspected to make children more violent-bad influence.
  • distracts learning (does anyone else start watching a video related to your homework only to click on the funny fail video on the side bar half way through?)

I think the most ironic thing about this post is that when thinking about it I watched TV about not watching TV.

Hope you enjoyed this, love Fliss Hince x

Uprise of the robots

So lately, I have been noticing that robots have become a much bigger thing on the news.  they are being predicted to be used as replacements for humans in jobs ranging from manual –  doctors in the not-so-far-away future.

The prospect of robots becoming a big part of our lives and taking our jobs really scares me.  I don’t really see many pro’s to robot workers, surely it would simply increase unemployment?  Wouldn’t it also increase human laziness?

I also find it strange that we would want to create machines that could surpass our own intelligence.  I understand in some circumstances having machines that are able to do things humans are unable to, could be really useful, however I don’t think it’s necessary for them to completely overrun the working world.

I feel like this new development would open up so many more problems than it would solutions.  But maybe that’s just me.

Fliss Hince x