A Radical Introduction

Hello, welcome to my blog, this will be about a variety of different global issues from bullying to world poverty.  I know sometimes this stuff can get pretty heavy but I’ll try and keep it as relatable as possible.  I just really wanted to get my view, as a teenage girl from Britain, across about a range of issues, and hopefully I’ll make a few valid points along the way.

OK, intro over, now onto the fun part.  Radicalization.  Ordinary Muslim men and women deciding they are going to join IS (a terrorist organization), risking their own lives and destroying that of others.  I know it may seem like a big issue to tackle for a first post, but its been playing on my mind for a while now.  What is it about the British society that makes some people (In this case Muslims) want to go to a country, thousands are trying to flee from?

For example, take those two Muslim girls that stole away from England to Syria to support IS. They ran away from a country that has some of the most equal rights for women across the globe to fight for a cause that wants to oppress women in every way.  At a first glance that seems crazy, the likelihood is that those girls will be forced to marry a man much older than them, made to have children and then locked inside for the rest of their lives; like some sort of inferior species meant only to serve her husband.  Now, I don’t know about you, but as a female teenager that’s not what I aspire to.

But then i got thinking, IS are wrong about almost everything, their beliefs are cruel and oppressive to pretty much everyone, but they do have one thing that some people might find intriguing.  Belief.  They have a belief that runs so deep they’ll do anything to achieve it.  I truly think that they believe what they are doing is right, they’re in it so deep they no longer see the fear and destruction, they only see success.  This is probably the scariest thing possible, because it means they’ll never stop.  Have you ever heard the quote:

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter

Perhaps those girls felt that way, they saw IS as something they could be a part of as they never could in Britain. Here we care more about materialistic goods than anything else.  I think if we all had something that we were passionate about, something that grounded us it would protect us from being blinded by groups that cant tell the difference between right and wrong.  Now I’m not suggesting you should be passionate about something as radical as IS ( lets steer clear of terrorism).  But, for example, my passion is drama, I can become a completely different person and yet still be me, it lets me clear my head and look at my problems from a different perspective and allow me to realize how stupid they are or at least that its not the end of the world.

One bad test doesn’t spell out your life.

Fliss Hince

PS Thank you for reading, I hope it was OK for a first post.

3 thoughts on “A Radical Introduction

  1. Well hello there 🙂 your blog sounds like it’s going to be great! I agree with you about looking at your problems from a different perspective, an extra voice definitely helps when I’m trying to figure something out!
    IS is a perfect example of when passion can take you too far, but most other passions can define a person’s existence, whether that is a good or bad thing you can decide for yourself. Looking forward to more posts in the future 🙂


  2. Welcome to blogging! It’s great to gain a teenager’s perspective on all of this. A couple of girls that left to become Jihadi brides were actually from an islamic centre near to where I live which seems so crazy to me. You make an interesting point about the whole belief thing, but I think – especially with younger girls who go out there – it has a lot to do withIS recruiters promising them a ‘FREE’ life with no bills, no financial worries, free groceries, etc. They just don’t know what they’re in for and the reality of it. Very sad.


    1. Thank you and I completely agree and I think sometimes their parents are quite restrictive on what their allowed to do so the prospect of a free life is really appealing to them- I’ll be sure to check out some of your posts

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