Heathrow’s Third Runway

Sorry this is so late, I’ve had such a busy weekend! Better late then never though.

I’m sure many of you have heard that Heathrow are proposing to build a third runway for their airport.  I am strongly against this development as the disadvantages in my opinion are too great to be resolved.   I understand that we all want to go on holiday abroad, and I’m sure most people reading this have been on a plane at least once, I know I have.  However, the pollution one plane alone emits into the atmosphere is scary to say the least.

I’m fairly sure that pretty much everyone is aware that this pollution is slowly destroying our amazing planet, but that doesn’t mean you don’t ignore it.  Our biggest challenge presently is trying to find a renewable energy resource that can be used to power every vehicle, every plane and every appliance.  However, I can’t help feeling lately that people find it easier to ignore our biggest problems and let someone else deal with them. If we all do nothing, nothing will change.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing ~ Edmund Burke

Another thing that shocked me when I researched the third runway at Heathrow, was the amount of homes they were willing to destroy in favor of it.  I read from the Daily mail that 10,000 homes were in danger of being demolished and these people have no choice in the matter.  What about the children at their local schools, what will happen to them? Will they be forced to move, disrupting their education?  I always thought the government felt that education was immensely important.  Perhaps I was wrong.

One of the main reasons the airport is expanding is because of the massive increase in customers they are expecting in 2030.  That’s you and me, but reading this do we really need all those holidays?  Can we sacrifice one thing for the greater good and lose the selfish name humanity has lived up to in my eyes?  I hope so.

Fliss Hince

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