Homosexuality: A Teens view

In just my lifetime in England the rights for homosexuals have changed, same-sex marriage was legalised 2 years ago this month, and yet even in our modern society 45% of the English population disagreed with this action.  To say this surprised me is a big understatement, I expected there to be people that were against homosexuals but that’s nearly half the population.

People are always afraid of what is different, they are afraid of the things they can’t understand, but it seems to me that instead of making an effort to understand they simply label it as some sort if inferior condition.  In the past gays and lesbians were treated in the most dreadful way if they were discovered.  They were often locked up, put in mental asylums, or given barbaric treatment that was supposed to cure them of their, “ailment.”  That was hundreds of years ago.  Why then, are we in some places of the world still hunting homosexuals down like criminals?

To me none of this makes sense, I don’t see LGBT’s as that different from the rest of us.  Homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual there just names; take all that away and what are we left with?  People.  Humans.  We are all part of the same species, black, white, gay or straight.   What would be the point of our world if we were all the same?

Fliss Hince xx

One thought on “Homosexuality: A Teens view

  1. I understand what you mean about the attitude towards homosexuals. There are a lot of people in the world who are afraid to be themselves because they will be judged by the people around them. I do find that really sad 😦

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