Human rights 

What are your human rights? Do you know them? If so do you use them?What about freedom of speech?

There are those in this world, fellow humans, innocents, children, less fortunate than us.  They don’t have human rights like you and I.

Think about North Korea, those people are trapped in a country that is the equivalent of a mass prison. Exept it’s for innocents who’s only crime was to have been born in that God forsaken place.  They are unable to leave, they have no wifi, they live in extreme poverty. Above all they are lead by a ruler who has no concept of democracy, love and compassion for his people.  Only a crave for military power.

What about IS (Islamic State)? They have been the cause of shootings or bombings in Tunisia, France, Thailand and more, maybe you live in these places? Maybe you live in the UK where many of our own have been radicalised into joining IS?

As I’m sure many of you know there was an attempted shooting on a train between Amsterdam and Paris.  However, due to incredible luck or fate 4 men, one British three Americans, were travelling in the same carriage and were able to overpower the Morrocan terrorist.  They saved the lives of potentially, everyone in the carriage.  Do you know what I thought?  Finally, people are fighting back.  We need to show these terrorists they can’t come into our countries and shoot us because of our way of life.  We need to stand together and use our human rights to help others gain theirs back.

Don’t waste your freedom use it.  

Fliss Hince xx

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