The Migrant Crisis

Hello everyone, this week I have decided to blog about the European migrant crisis as although there are probably many blogs already on this topic, I feel as though it is a very important problem that affects everyone in the EU.

Recently the migrant crisis has become difficult to ignore, thousands of refugees everyday make the notoriously dangerous journey across countries and oceans to escape the civil wars in their home lands. It is difficult to imagine the trauma these people have been through, even before leaving their homes, and in my opinion it is therefore pointless to even try to send them home as they will probably just try again and again until successful. After all they have nothing to lose.


However, in a situation when your dealing with this number of refugees needing food, water and shelter it is near impossible to find a long term solution.  Many people in Great Britain have volunteered for refugees to come and stay with them in their spare rooms, and even as a part of me likes this idea, the more practical part of me is saying that this is still only a short term solution for a small number of refugees and isn’t very realistic.

In my opinion the only possible solution is to try and sort out the problems in their home countries (mainly Syria) and to help to rebuild their homes so that eventually they will be able to return.  Although this would still be a long and difficult process, I seriously believe it is our only option.  We simply do not have the space or the money to cope with this number of extra people in our societies.  Even special asylums are no longer enough.

If any of you reading this do wish to help the refugees in some ways there are many worthwhile charities you can donate to in order to send them food and other supplies.  For example Save the Children have a part of their charity devoted to helping any refugee children who have been orphaned or in a vulnerable state.

Thank you very much for reading

Fliss Hince x

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