Always Watching

Did you know that an average person in London is caught on CCTV 300 times a day? And that in actual fact in London you are caught on camera many more times than that, because of the amount of times you are also caught on camera by tourists.

This number is continuously increasing because of the up rise of camera’s in cities to monitor crime.

I think that there are advantages to this, criminals are more easily identified and brought to justice and the public can be kept safer.  However, I also kind of feel like this is a violation of my privacy, to think that every time I go out in town with my friends someone could be watching.

You know the feeling you get, when you think someones watching you but you turn around and no ones there.  What if that’s not just a feeling anymore but reality.  I find that scary.  I also find it scary to think that my picture could be out there somewhere, but not because I have social media but because I chose to walk down a street in London.

Now, I know that the film and pictures CCTV pick up are wiped clear once no one needs it anymore.  But, I’m not entirely trusting of that.  Just look at what happened with Snapchat.  They claim that after you have sent a picture and the timer has run out the picture is lost forever, however they leaked 200,000 Snapchat photo’s that were supposedly, “lost”.

Maybe you think that’s different, but that’s your opinion.

From Fliss Hince

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