My supernatural experience

Just something a bit different to get into the festive spirit:

My old house was haunted.  It wasn’t your typical old house, it was just a bungalow.  The roof was infested with ivy and moss and the peeling white paint did nothing to help the drab look; along with the name itself being Grey tiles.

I shared a room with my sister at the time, it was a fairly big room with pale pink walls to match the furniture.  We always used to have to sleep with a light on because I was so afraid of the dark; I used to get the most terrible nightmares when I was younger, I still do occasionally.

On this particular night I remember waking up and immediately seeing the outline of a grown man standing in the center of my room.  I could only see from the shoulders upwards and neither could I make out any particular features on the mans face except for the outline of the shape of his head and his  nose.  It looked to me as though he were bold and and he was facing the window at the back of my room.  The outline of his head and shoulders was like he was surrounded in light but it wasn’t shining like a halo it was more like a line of light.

It only stayed a few seconds before disappearing, leaving me with the spots in my vision that you get after staring at a light for too long.  I remember later on after we moved that my mum told me someone had died in the garage of our old house, he had hung himself.   Moreover, the people who moved in had an exorcism done on the house to rid it of any ghosts that may be lurking there.

I found this quite hard to believe so I did some research and I found something very disturbing.  There did use to be ghost in that part of the village but all that anyone ever saw of it was the head…

Needless to say, I’m glad we moved.

Fliss Hince x

(based on my true experience)

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