The world as we know it.

I’ve never been a religious person, and I’ve never had much interest in science.   My opinion has always been that the world works and for whatever reason that is it, it will go on spinning until it gets bored and ultimately the world as we know it will end, but that’s just it isn’t it?

THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT will end. The universe didn’t start with us and I very much doubt it will end with us.  Even if the sun eventually died, I strongly believe that life would find a way to survive, that it would evolve.

I also strongly believe that we will cause the extinction of our own race and we will cause the extinction of the Earth.  For a long time I worried about that, that the life of this beautiful planet would suffer because of our own selfish needs. Because it is a need now isn’t it? Would you be able to live without a car, bus or train? I wouldn’t.

In reality though, the universe wouldn’t end if we were to destroy the Earth.  So long as the universe is there, the chance for new life to begin is effectively eternal.

The point of this is to say that the only life we are ruining, the only life we are wasting, is our own.  If this planet dies, we die.  So why do we ignore the only part of science I have ever thought matters.  Global Warming.  Pollution.  IT IS REAL.  IT WILL HAPPEN.

Fliss Hince

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